MIASA's view on the concept of shared value as proposed in the AMV compact

16 February, 2017

It has become essential to build a consensus on what constitutes "shared value" and "shared benefits " and how to secure a social license to operate in the 21st century.

Practical recommendations for improving Public-Private engagement for share value promotion.
  1. Consensus for win-win solution through shared value and share benefits.
  2. Short and long term strategies to help position Governments and the Private Sector for the next super cycle.
  3. Recommendations to improve the institutionalization of the African Mining Vision Compact.f
  4. Build /enhance trust between private sector and governments
  5. Consultations with private sector on policy proposals
  6. Continuous dialogue at various for a – enhance relationships
  7. AMV Compact principles – should de adhered t by both governments and private sector
  8. Private sector to participate in AMV implementation- cascading to RMV and CMV
  9. Process to establish Regional Mining Associations as building blocks for continental body should be completed.
  10. AU should encourage mineral resource countries to establish national chambers of mines – private sector interface in AMV implementation.
  11. MIASA as regional body is willing to assist with the formation of regional mining associations
  12. Governments to assist in creating certainty through stable mining regulations.
  13. We need to be pulling in the same direction!

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