Water supply to mines and water pollution by mines

Water supply

Water for industrial purposes is becoming increasingly scarce in Southern Africa. The mining industry is also receiving criticism that it wastes water.

MIASA expresses its support for:
  • water conservation and water demand management measures to reduce water losses at mining operations;
  • the treatment and re-use of mine effluent; and
  • public-private partnerships to establish water supply infrastructure

Pollution from current operating mines

Mining operations are perceived as major sources of pollution.

MIASA support the fact that the responsibility to manage water pollution from operating mines remains the sole responsibility of the holders of water use authorizations and mining authorizations for those particular sites.

If a mining operation is unable to operate within a sustainable development framework or is conflict with the relevant water authorities regarding unreasonable or impractical license conditions, the law must take its cause. If there is a national, economic or social case for that mining operation to continue operation and to continue to pollute water resources, the State must provide the necessary assistance to those mining operations to comply with environmental requirements.